Cosmetology III


Grade 12                                                                                              4.00 Credits/2 Blocks/Year

Knowledge of hair services are continued with attention to refining skills, speed and accuracy and working with salon clients which is designed to show new techniques while developing each individual's special interest within the cosmetology field. You will complete project based salon management allowing you to explore all aspects of spa and salon operations, including physical design, inventory and financial operations. The final phase ends with the preparation for the final exam required for licensure in the cosmetology industry.

REQUIRED:   Successful completion of Cosmetology II with a minimum of 750 hours accumulated in the lab with an additional 125 hours online and submission of a CTC program application. Purchase 2 additional manikin heads $100. Students must complete an additional 125 hours with the Milady’s online program prior to completion of the program. (Fees subject to change)

NOTE:  All licensing fees and equipment is the responsibility of the graduate.  Completion of Cosmetology I, II, and III fulfills 0.50 math credit.