Health Science Technology II


Grade 12                                                                                                          2.00 Credits/Year

Continue the study of medical terminology, body systems and the associated disease processes.  Emphasis is placed on critical thinking skills and analyzing professional/ethical characteristics required of healthcare professions.  Continue to practice and enhance skills and obtain an Advanced Skills for Healthcare Providers & Restorative Certificate. Instruction includes advanced skills for healthcare providers that include classroom theory and lab, as well as observation of advanced clinical skills at area healthcare facilities including Wentworth Douglass Hospital.  The course provides students with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills to successfully transition into post-secondary health care education.

REQUIRED:   HST II students participate in off-site clinical experiences are required to take a drug screening urinalysis Additional drug screening may be administered randomly.  At the start of the semester students are required to have their LNA licenses. In addition, students must have documentation for the following: TB test, recent physical, flu shot (seasonal), criminal background check, and full uniform.  Students cannot go off site for clinical experience without these requirements being completed. Students who have not met these requirements at the start of class will not be able attend clinical until these requirements are satisfied.  Successful completion of Health Science I and submission of a CTC program application.

NOTE:  Fulfills a science credit.

NOTE: This is a dual-enrollment course which allows students the opportunity to earn college credits while concurrently earning credits toward their high school diploma.   The cost to take advantage of the dual enrollment option is currently $150.00, which is approximately a $450 savings.