Digital Electronics


Grade 11                                                                                              1.00 Credit/Spring Semester

 From smart phones to appliances, digital circuits are all around us. Through the use of cutting edge technologies students will design, build, and troubleshoot digital circuits. Students will apply the fundamental theories of digital logic and explore how digital devices are used to control automated equipment and robotic systems.

REQUIRED:   Successful completion of the Honors Engineering Design and Honors Principles of Engineering Design and submission of a CTC program application.

NOTE: This is a dual-enrollment course which allows students the opportunity to earn college credits while concurrently earning credits toward their high school diploma.   The cost to take advantage of the dual enrollment option is currently $150.00, which is approximately a $450 savings.

The continuation of the Project Lead the Way program, Digital Electronics, students will be introduced to digital circuits found in video games, watches, calculators, digital cameras, and thousands of other devices. Students will study the application of digital logic and how digital devices are used to control automated equipment. The use of digital circuitry is present in virtually all aspects of our lives and its use is increasing rapidly. This course is an honors level course in the pre-engineering program. Students are to complete a college preparatory sequence of courses in mathematics. Competencies (content standards) are defined by Project Lead the Way.