Principles of Engineering


Grade 10                                                                                              1.00 Credit/Spring Semester

 Through problems that engage and challenge, explore a broad range of engineering topics, including mechanisms, the strength of structures and materials, and automation. Develop skills in problem solving, research, and design while learning strategies for design process documentation, collaboration, and presentation.

REQUIRED:   Students must successfully complete CP or Honors Geometry or concurrently enrolled, the completion of Honors Engineering Design, and submission of a CTC program application.

NOTE: Fulfills ½ computer and ½ visual art credit requirements upon successful completion of this year of the pre-engineering sequence and presentation of a portfolio to an approved representative of the respective department.

NOTE: This is a dual-enrollment course which allows students the opportunity to earn college credits while concurrently earning credits toward their high school diploma.   The cost to take advantage of the dual enrollment option is currently $150.00, which is approximately a $450 savings.

This is a broad-based survey course as part of the pre-engineering program as outlined by PLTW. The course is designed to help students understand the field of engineering and engineering technology and its career possibilities. Students will develop engineering problem solving skills that are involved and related to engineering careers. They will also explore the various engineering systems and manufacturing process in conjunction with the social implications and political consequences associated with technological change in our society. This is an honors level course in the pre-engineering program. Students are to complete a college preparatory sequence of courses in mathematics. Competencies (content standards) are defined by Project Lead the Way.