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Extended Learning Opportunities

ELOs are learning experiences that happen inside and outside of the traditional classroom setting. The purpose of an ELO is to provide an educational experience that is meaningful and relevant to a student’s plan of study while in high school; it is often related to future plans for life after high school. At Dover High School and Dover Career and Technical Center there are several different types of ELOs. These descriptions are designed to provide students, teachers, parents and community partners with more information about our ELO program.

INTERNSHIP PROGRAM 0.5 credits for 60 hours Grades 11 and 12 (Dover CTC)
An internship is a temporary, unpaid position where a student is paired with a professional in the community in order to gain practical experience in an occupation or profession relating to their plans after high school. Internships requires teacher and counselor recommendation. They can be performed during or after school or both. Any student choosing to take part in an internship will also be required to complete additional assignments in order to receive credit. Paperwork and assistance can be found in Career Services in the Career and Technical Center office.
WORK-BASED LEARNING (CTC STUDENTS ONLY) 0.5 credits for 60 hours (Dover CTC)
Grades 11 and 12
Work-based learning (WBL) opportunities apply academic, technical, and employability skills in a work setting. Support is provided by school, classroom and workplace mentors. Students will have a set schedule that mirrors a job which may be semester-long or year-long. WBL opportunities are typically paid opportunities. WBL can be performed during or after school or both. Paperwork and assistance can be found in found in Career Services in the Career and Technical Center. WBL for CTC students requires the completion of the first year of a program along with a program teacher’s recommendation.
Other ELO's offered through Dover High School
WORK EXPERIENCE PROGRAM .25 credits for 120 hours Please contact the Guidance office for Information on Work Experience credit. 
11th-12th grade
This is performed outside of a student’s class schedule. Students can receive credit for working a part-time job. Paperwork can be found in the School Counseling office.

INDEPENDENT STUDY 0.5 credits for 120 hours Please contact the Guidance office for Independent Studies. 
11th-12th grade
Candidates for Independent Study will have demonstrated the ability to do advanced work and have successfully completed the course offerings in a particular program or department. Students interested in the independent study option must: 1) select a topic, 2) obtain a teacher mentor who will act as advisor and mentor; 3) develop a course outline which will include objectives, topics to be covered, methods of assessment and duration of course, and 4) completion of the appropriate paperwork. An Independent Study is jointly directed by the student and the teacher in a collaborative arrangement. These are typically performed during school hours. Paperwork is located in the School Counseling office.

INQUIRY-BASED PROJECT 0.5 credits Please contact the Guidance office for Inquiry Based Learning. 
Grades 11 and 12
Note: A minimum of 120 hours is required. An inquiry-based project (IBP) is a robust learning experience where the student gains a deeper knowledge and broader skills by investigating a topic of their choice in collaboration with the teacher and academic coordinator. A student will explore subject based problems and respond to complex questions and challenges. This will require the student to draw upon previous coursework and apply it in a very practical way to their project. IBP’s require the following: self-motivation on the part of the student, teacher and counselor recommendation, a teacher mentor and community partner. A public presentation is required to showcase work. IBP’s can be performed during or after school or both.