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Work-Based Learning 
is experiential education that provides students with opportunities to build career awareness, explore career opportunities and further develop work-based skills needed to be college and career ready.  These experiences provide students the chance to develop on-site occupational skills and apply formal classroom learning to the world of work.  

Business & Industry Tours:
Grades 9-12           Non-credit bearing       throughout the school year
A business or industry tour provides groups of students or an individual student with a guided walk-through of a facility in order to gain a better understanding of the business/industry.  Time commitment is approx. 1hr-2hr.  


Informational Interviews:
Grades 9-12           Non-credit bearing        throughout the school year
Informational interviews afford students the opportunity to ask an employee questions about job requirements, education needed for a position, what they like or dislike about their position and any other questions the student may have to learn more about the position.  Time commitment is approx. 30 min- 1 hour.


Job Shadows:
Grades 10-12              Certificate of Completion              throughout the school year
A job shadow is designed to provide students with the opportunity to explore their careers interests while gaining valuable information pertaining to the world of work.  Through day long observations, students spend time with a mentor, discovering what it is like to work in a particular industry/business.  Please see the Career Services Coordinator for a list of job shadowing opportunities.  
Time commitment is approx. ½ day-1 full day. 


Cooperative Education Program:
Grades 11-12   .25cr for 90 hours worked (max. .50cr)   throughout the school year
Cooperative Education (COOP) combines career technical coursework with part-time paid work-experiences that provide additional training in a specific career technical field. Students must be enrolled in an approved career technical program and the work site must relate to the career technical program 
the student is enrolled in.


Internship Program:
Grades 11-12          1 credit for 135 hours on-site          semester long or summer
An internship is designed to offer a supervised learning experience that is related to a students’ career or college plan.  These experiences provide students with the opportunity to develop on-site occupational skills and apply formal classroom learning to the world of work.


Work Based Learning Application Process

Step #1:  Go to

Step #2:  Go to “For Students”

Step #3: Go to “Work Based Learning”

Step #4: Choose the WBL activity you are interested in

Step #5: Take time to explore the web page that relates to the WBL activity you are interested in

Step #6: Fill out the application that relates to the WBL activity you are interested in.

Step #7:  Submit your on-line application

Step #8: Set up a follow up meeting with the CTE Liaison/Career Services Coordinator