Course Selection 22-23

There are many steps involved in the scheduling process. First, the Program of Studies for the 22-23 School Year is created and approved by the School Board. It is now posted online, and we encourage students and parents/guardians to review all our offerings and course descriptions.  Two documents that help with the scheduling process are attached:  Overview of Elective Selection and an elective grade sheet for each level. During Advisory on January 10th there will be a presentation for students to teach them how to enter their electives into Infinite Campus. Students will have until 1/17/22 to enter their electives.  After that they will need to make an appointment with their school counselor to review their selections. Course registration is not first come first serve, as students will have through the month of March to review their selection and make changes with their Counselor.  Incoming Freshmen (Class of 2026) will go through this process in March.  Classes are not filled on a first come, first served basis to provide the opportunity to meet with all students before the master schedule is created.

Students will also being meeting with their teachers to discuss course recommendations in the core academic subjects.  Teachers will enter these recommendations into Infinite Campus to help students and their counselor when selecting courses for next year.

Students should reach out to their counselor with questions concerning this process.