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Community Partnership

Benefits for Business, Community & Educational Partners:


  • Fosters networking opportunities that build and enhance partnerships
  • Develops future employees/Reduces recruitment and training costs  
  • Creates positive community and public relations/recognition for business 
  • Provides businesses with a skilled/trained workforce  
  • Improves current employees morale and management skills  
  • Increases community involvement in the education of students


Benefits for Students


  • Improves students’ academic achievement, involvement and motivation 
  • Allows students to apply knowledge in a meaningful way 
  • Allows students to explore career options 
  • Increases students self-efficacy and self-confidence 
  • Helps students acquire real workplace experience and work skills


Benefits for Schools


  • Improves student academic achievement  
  • Improves student involvement and motivation  
  • Improves relationship with the community 
  • Develops soft skills


Business/education partnerships are “educators and businesses working together toward a shared goal designed to benefit students while at the same time achieving goals unique to each partner” Pawlowski and Katz (2014).


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