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Early Child Montessori Education

Grades 10-11 2.0 Credits
Enter a high-demand field and earn a Montessori Certification! Learn about the foundations of early education so you can enrich the lives of young children. Little Tree Education (Madbury and Dover, NH) is excited to welcome high school students interested in becoming Early Childhood Educators and those who wish to become Montessori teachers. We want to find students who will thrive in early childhood school environments, honoring children’s natural desire to learn through imagination and exploration. In this class you will learn the Montessori pedagogy for all grade levels, with a focus on infants through Kindergarten. You will also be trained in childcare center best practices including how to provide experiences that develop and maintain the learning, social, physical and emotional skills needed for young children. If you value education from birth, this course if for you!
REQUIRED: Students must submit a CTC program application.
NOTE: At this time the program is only open to Dover students.